20 Little-Known Details About Chris Pratt And Anna Faris' Son (2023)

People.com just revealed that Chris Pratt is getting ready to marry a certain action hero's daughter in a smallceremony that's just for friends and family. The woman he will marryis Katherine Schwarzenegger. This will be Chris' second wedding, as his ex-wife, Anna Faris married him in 2009. Their union wasn't fated to last, but something amazing came out of it — their son Jack was born in late August of 2012.

Anyone who's curious about Chris and Anna's son will enjoy checking out this list. It's filled with great pics of Jack and his famous parents. While breaking up is never easy, Chris and Anna have taken the high road for the sake of their little boy. They are co-parenting and making it work.

Anna Faris is a gifted comedienne who, unlike Chris, is wary of tying the knot again. Anna's very supportive of Chris' new life, though. People.com reports that she's planning "group Thanksgiving dinners" with Chris, Katherine, and their son. She's not sure if her goal of holding big group events with everyone is going to work out, but she wants it to. It's nice that she and Chris as willing to forego drama and put their focus on staying close in a new way, for Jack.

Now, it's time to find out everything about Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' son!

20/20 HeCame Dangerously Earlier Than Expected

Jack came along early...he was born nine weeks ahead of Anna's anticipated due date. Anna wasn't expecting to have a preemie. It was all a big surprise. Usmagazine.com reports that Jackwas only three pounds when he was born. On the day of his birth, Anna was sleeping when she suddenly woke up because her water broke.

Jack was due in October, but Anna's water broke in late summer. He wasn't born that night, but he was born soon after. Anna had to stay in the hospital for a while, while doctors helped her to prolong her pregnancy for as long as possible. She watched Mad Men episodes in the hospital to pass the time.

19/20 Doctors Gave Chris And Anna A Warning When Jack Was Born

When their son was born so early, doctors told Chris and Anna that he might be a special needs child. Chris and Anna were warned that premature birth might lead to some developmental problems down the line.

While Jack has some health problems, he seems to be thriving in every other way, so this particular warning may not have come to pass. Chris and Anna haven't said that their son has special needs that relate to his cognitive development. They've said he's cute and hilarious and "awesome," according to People.com. This is a kid who gets tons of love.

18/20 Chris Was Afraid His Tiny Son Wouldn't Survive

Most new parents experience a bit of stress while they learn how to care for their newborns. Chris and Anna had more than the usual stress. They were parents of a preemie and their son had to spend some time in the hospital after he was born until he was developed enough to take home. It is always hard for parents to see defenseless little newborns hooked up to tubes and wires, but baby Jack got the best of care.

Chris and Anna are very grateful for the kindness and skill of the doctors and nurses who helped their son. Jack was in the NICU for one full month, according to People.com.

17/20 Jack Has Minor Vision Issues

Jack isn't photographed without his eyeglasses on very often. He needs eyeglasses because he has some minor vision issues that relate to his premature birth, according to Redbookmag.com.

Right now, Jack has glasses in a bunch of fun colors and styles. His glasses are cute. They help him to see the world around him clearly. He has regular eyeglasses and also sunglasses. Mom and dad make sure that his vision is corrected at all times. Maybe when he gets older, he'll want contact lenses or eye surgery or something like that. He might grow up to be one of those people who loves wearing glasses every day.

16/20 He Also Had Problems With His Leg Muscles

Jack, like many preemies, had experienced health issues related to arriving earlier than expected. For example, aside from his eyes, he also has problems with his leg muscles. Anna and Chris are now more open about everything that happened when their son was born premature, according to Redbookmag.com, but they used to be a lot more private.

When Jack was born, Chris and Anna leaned on each other and felt like it was them against the whole world. They didn't want to discuss all the tough times they were going through with everyone. They were totally focused on being there for their preemie. Now, they share plenty of information about that time in their lives.

15/20 He's Had More Than One Operation In His Little Life

Jack has had to endure surgery in order to access health improvements. It's hard on parents when their young children need operations and Jack has had more than one operation, according to Wetpaint.com.

Jack had to have one of the operations when he was just a couple of years old. When Anna needed to be at The People's Choice Awards around that time, Chris stayed home to be with their son. Chris and Anna make sure that someone's always there for Jack. Chris thinks Jack is a "genius" and loves the many profound and amazing things that his son says.

14/20 Chris And Anna Live Within Five Miles Of Each Other

Chris and Anna stay close together, geographically, even though they aren't a couple anymore. They both live within five miles of each other. This makes it easier for them to co-parent. Elitedaily.com reported that a legal settlement pertaining to their breakup stipulated that they live within five miles of one another for five full years.

These two loving parents have joint custody of their son, so living close to each other makes it all easier. It's simpler to get quality time with Jack when they don't need to spend a ton of time driving to pick him up or drop him off.

13/20 Jack's New Soon-To-Be Stepmom Is An Action Hero's Daughter

Chris is engaged to the daughter of a certain Terminator star named Arnold! With Schwarzenegger as a dad and Maria Shriver as a mom, it's no wonder that Katherine Schwarzenegger rubs shoulders with Hollywood royalty like Chris.

Now that Chris is engaged to Katherine, with a wedding on the horizon, there may be babies in the future. Chris does want a big family. Any kids that Chris and Katherine have together will be a part of the Kennedy family, because Maria Shriver's mom, Eunice, was the sister of a former president. If Chris Pratt wants to lead the nation someday, his tie to Katherine may help him to achieve his goals.

12/20 He's An Animal Lover!

Jack seems to be having an awesome childhood so far, both of his parents do their utmost to keep him active and inspired.

While mom and dad aren't together anymore, they always put Jack first. Etonline.com reported that Jack named a penguin chick at the zoo in Seattle (Woodland Park Zoo). Several months later, he met the penguin, who is called Eagle. Chris and Anna helped the zoo by contributing and that's how the whole penguin thing started. When Jack met Eagle, he was apparently a bit grossed out by the penguin's strong scent, which is kind of funny, isn't it?

11/20 He's An Outdoorsman

Chris Pratt is very into nature. He's a hunter and so outdoorsy in general. He also likes to fish and he's already taken his young son out for fishing expeditions. According to Okmagazine.com, little Jack got to go fishing with dad in the summer of 2017, when Chris was filming Jurassic World 2. They went fishing in Hawaii, where the film was being made, and they managed to catch a Barracuda.

Anna was filming a movie of her own, Overboard, while Chris helped his son to learn about angling. Chris and Jack looked very content while they fished. It's nice that Chris makes time for his son, even when he's in the middle of huge movie projects.

10/20 Anna Has Been Super-classy about Moving On

Anna's gone the extra mile in terms of staying classy throughout the demise of her relationship with Chris and the aftermath. She's set the bar high for others by remaining wonderfully classy in terms of how she talks about Chris and how she reacts to Chris' new relationships.

Anna had to deal with a lot of negative chatter about her breakup online. A lot of people put the blame for her problems with Chris on Jennifer Lawrence, who co-starred with Chris in Passengers. Jennifer strongly denies ever having any kind of romantic relationship with Chris. Anna had to see all of this stuff online and said it stung, but she handled it the best she could, according to Okmagazine.

9/20 His Mom Says He's Hyper, Just Like Her

Part of the fun of becoming a parent is noticing the similarities between yourself and your child. Some of these similarities may be physical and others may be related to energy levels, talents, interests, and behavior.

Anna Faris is high-energy and she's noticed the very same trait in her little son. She thinks that both of them are hyper, but Anna does joke around a lot, so she may be exaggerating. Anna is very good at comedy and really likes to entertain her audience, onscreen or via social media. You can listen to this funny lady's podcast, Anna Faris isUnqualified, at Tunein.com.

8/20 His DadReally Is A Superhero

Chris Pratt goes out of his way to help children who are ill. His willingness to visit hospitals and spend time with sick children is definitely impressive. It's sweet. He and Chris Evans have brought a lot of cheer to sick kids, by showing up together at children's hospitals and adding some excitement to ill children's lives.

Chris Evans wore his Captain America costume when he and Chris Pratt spent time at Seattle's Children's Hospital in 2015, according to Popsugar.com. The visit was inspired by a Super Bowl bet between Chris and Chris. These famous actors also spent time at a healthcare facility in Boston.

7/20 He's Trying To Be Just Like Dad

Both Chris and Anna put pics of their son on social media sometimes. In one of the shots, which was posted by Chris, little Jack is posing in some big boots. He's trying to be just like dad! Of course, the boots feature a "camo" pattern. What other pattern would you expect to find on Chris's boots?

Chris is an avid hunter and he's gotten dragged online because a lot of people think hunting is unnecessary and unkind. A Justjared.com report showed a critical tweet from someone who was calling Chris out for hunting, plus Chris's sassy response. He is not afraid to defend his love of hunting.

6/20 Jack's Already Podcasting!

Mom's podcast, Anna Faris isUnqualified, is popular. Jack's given podcasting a try, too, even though he's only six years old. Since Anna records her podcast in her own home, according to Vogue.com, there is recording equipment lying around which Jack can test out when he feels like expressing himself.

Mom invites a lot of celebs over to record. The podcast is based on relationship advice from "unqualified" celebrities who are part of the Hollywood world. Anna loves talking about relationships, so this podcast is a natural for her. She starting out talking to girlfriends about relationships and decided to center her podcast on the same subject.

5/20 He Has A Strong Heart Despite Some Difficulties

Chris has said that his baby boy was roughly the same sizeas a "decent-sized bass" when he was born. Since Jack was so tiny, he has had a few health problems since birth, including heart health issues, according to Usmagazine.com.

Chris feels that his son was tough enough to overcome all of the challenges. He also credits expert care from NICU staff for his son's ability to thrive, despite some hard health problems. Jack was allowed to leave the NICU when he was almost four-and-a-half pounds.

Now, Chris helps the March of Dimes, which assists babies. Pratt believes in charities that help infants.

4/20 Dad Taught Him The Pledge Of Allegiance

Chris is happy to live in the USand wants Jack to share the same pride in his homeland. That's why he taught his son "The Pledge of Allegiance," according to Usmagazine.com. The lesson happened when Jack was 2 years old. It was a Memorial Day and Chris was 35 at the time. He recorded the lesson and posted it to social media. Chris said the pledge's words and his son would repeat them back. Jack did really well. He needed a little help near the end, though!

Chris enjoys teaching his child and sharing his hobbies with his child. He's involved as a dad, despite landing acting roles that have landed him on the Hollywood A-list.

3/20 Jack Does Some Cooking With His Mom

Anna Faris loves to cook. She loves it when her son cooks with her. While Anna was growing up, she treasured the time that she spent cooking with her mother. She felt that she and her mom bonded while they were in the kitchen. This is why she is teaching her son how to cook. She thinks it's a valuable life skill and children should learn early.

She focuses on teaching her son to crack eggs and master other kitchen basics. She considers cooking creative. She also wants her son to master cleaning. It's about getting him ready to be self-sufficient.

2/20 His Mom Mentors Teen Moms Who Need Help

Anna Faris is known for zany comedy, but she definitely has a softer side. She cares about other people. She shows her caring side by helping pregnant and parenting teens. She also fund-raises for an organization, GAPPS, that helps to spread awareness (and fund research) that may prevent stillbirth and prematurity.

Anna's personal experiences have made her interested in helping others. While she wasn't a teen mom (she was 35 when she had Jack), she has a lot of compassion for teens who are pregnant or parenting. Parents also notes that she also wants to help other parents who have dealt with pregnancy complications.

1/20 ...She Also Wrote A Book!

Jack's mommy excels in many areas of her life. She's blessed with the ability to make people laugh and she's also a great communicator. Anna's book, Unqualified, is filled with information about her upbringing, her journey to Hollywood fame and lots of other parts of her life.

Anna's relationships are referenced in the book, too. If you like bios written by famous people, give this one a try. Now that you know more about Anna, Chris and their son, Jack, you may find that you're ready for a deeper dive. Unqualified will give you access to lots of other information. Source: People.com

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